Why you need to consider your neighboring school playground for your next picnic.

By Waithera Mbuthia

Why you need to consider your neighboring school playground for your next picnic.
You must have already heard the joke about this being the rapture, right? The global pandemic indeed creeped in on us, robbing us of our safety bubble overnight. With all balls in the air, our livelihoods have been thrown into a disarray.

For those of us who love the outdoors and live for road trips, it has been quite hard to have our fun with all the containment measures and guidelines in place. With most guys working from home, and the essentials going to work and home direct, the cabin fever has been real.

But we aren’t here for a pity party! Nope, rather, we are here with an awesome idea that will make you look forward to your next picnic. You see, with every dark cloud there is a silver lining. In this case, it is the idea of an ideal outdoor picnic spot for you and your squad.  Some outdoor is good for the soul, no?

Your neighbouring school play-ground is our bet! With the kids at home, there’s a lot of open ground available, the grass has also had a chance to grow green and smooth. This and the fact that schools are set-up in a relatively conducive environment, away from all the hullabaloo, just sets the perfect spot for an ideal sunny day picnic. Here, you do not have to worry about human traffic since it’s just you and the clique, also, being in the neighbourhood, you may decide to walk there thus saving on transport costs.

Your security is also guaranteed since with all the school assets, the management is bound to have someone manning the premises around the clock. While admission to such is of course at the management’s discretion, you’ll agree with us that it suits the budget just fine. Here you can have a good time, while observing social distancing and enjoying the fresh and clean air. Children can also enjoy running around and playing some games given the environment is 100% child-friendly.. It's a school after all.

For the picnic essentials you might need (we’ll hyperlink to our ‘what to bring for your picnic piece’).

You can still have some fun during these trying times, on a pocket friendly budget.

Enjoy and stay safe.