Packing for a perfect picnic of 4

By Kwame Akinyi

Packing for a perfect picnic of 4
Photo by Evangelina Silina on Unsplash

It is Saturday and the sun is out; you and your housemates have had a long week. You have no tangible plans on how to spend the weekend until one member of the squad suggests a picnic. Y’all need to unwind and the picnic idea sounds perfect and so in no time, the whole clique is psyched and looking forward to a Saturday outdoors. To save on time, you split chores and you are tasked with packing essentials for the whole team.

Here is a list of things you must not forget:  

Picnic blankets/mats:

If there is one thing you are not leaving behind while packing for a picnic, it’s a blanket. It could be an old comforter, tablecloth, or even flatbed sheet. Make sure to carry one that is going to fit you and your friends including the meal alternatively you can carry two or maybe three depending on what fits best.


For a picnic, you may not need to carry a three-course meal or so. Your sandwiches, an assortment of fruits and snacks such as chocolate bars and crisps can make do. Just make sure you carry an enough supply.

Plates, glasses, utensils

Depending on the occasion and location of your picnic, your setting could be as casual as disposable plates, utensils, cups, and paper napkins. But if you and your friends are feeling fancy you could use your best china, crystal, silver, and table linens. A chopping board and a knife would be ideal too so you can prep any ingredients necessary, as well as a roll of Clingfilm to wrap up any leftovers. Be sure to pack things carefully to avoid breakage. Also, carry wipes to help clean after.  

Don’t forget the drinks

If there is one refreshing way to enjoy your picnic, it’s with a drink by your side. It could be cocktail, juice, soft drinks, or even your favorite wine, they sure make picnics better. Don’t forget a bottle opener/ cork screw.


As much as the food might be the main show for the day, a game or two might come in handy. It could be board games or card games, it doesn’t have to be something complicated the goal is to relax and enjoy a good time with your friends.

Bluetooth speaker

This is the reason we all need a portable Bluetooth speaker… for random picnics among other things. Some music is always good for the soul. It is even better when you are outdoors picnicking with your squad. As you play your games, you can be listening to some cool music on the background. You could also engage in friendly dance competitions.

Trash bags

We all know littering is not cool at all and that’s why you need to carry trash bags too for your food waste or disposable items. They can also double as a layer for your picnic blanket. Slice it open and place it under your blanket to keep wet grass from seeping through.


You’re obviously going for this picnic to unwind and definitely create memories while at it. To capture the priceless moments and document them, you’ll need your camera. So be sure to pack one and take as many shots as you can.


The last thing you want is to end up with some toad-skin after a memorable picnic. So remember to pack your sunscreen. While picking the sunscreen, be keen to select one that protects you against both UVA and UVB rays.


For all my extra peeps!.. Please remember to pack some flowers. These will add a whole classy touch to your picnic setting.

And of course you will need to fit it all in a picnic Bag:

Select a bag that will fit all the stuff perfectly. The perfect picnic basket may not exist in your household but you can always improvise. Pick something simple, stylish and one that gives that casual vibe. More than anything else, let it be a reasonable size, you don’t want to be out there with an amorphous looking baggage or with a huge bag with nothing in it.