Christmas Giving: Tipsy Yoga for Charity

By Carole Kimutai

Christmas Giving: Tipsy Yoga for Charity

It has been one heck of a year - thanks to COVID-19.

When the pandemic finally got to Kenya in March 2020, we had to stop and drop everything. This has never happened to me in my lifetime. Covid-19 interrupted my hectic schedule that had turned me into a robot. The pandemic made me realize things I had taken for granted – freedom of movement being one of them. Adjusting to the new normal was not as easy as I thought.

I was not alone. My friend Sonia Birdi was struggling as well. Her hot yoga studio at Two Rivers closed. Due to the strict Covid-19 health guidelines, gatherings in closed spaces had been forbidden.

Mid this year, I paid Sonia a visit at her home. It was a nice sunny day and we sat outside under a tree enjoying the cool breeze. We talked and reflected about life and how the virus had interrupted our lives. I had taken to recycling bottles as a way to stay “sane” while Sonia dedicated her time to helping boys at Mukuru Promotion Centre (MPC).

Since early in the year, she has been running yoga and meditation sessions with teenage boys. Most of them are former street urchins who are under rehabilitation. “In the new norm, we have to learn to be extra thoughtful and careful. I have learnt it’s about time we changed the way we give in society. Teach them how to fish,” she told me.

Fast forward to December 2020...

I saw a video on Facebook shared by a friend. It was a beer yoga session. Immediately it gave me an idea.

“Sonia, can we pull this off?” I asked on WhatsApp.

“Why not?” Sonia responded.

“I will call you,” I said.

Several phone calls later, we had a date, poster and a beautiful venue by the poolside.

Many of my friends thought I was joking. Being Christmas season, we agreed we were going to do a beer yoga charity event to benefit the awesome boys of MPC.

Entry fee was donations in cash and kind towards the MPC.

The sun was out it all its glory. We stretched and sipped our drinks by the poolside. We are truly grateful to the Board of Sikh Union Club for agreeing to support this worthy cause.

And what a day it was. We had about 15 people attending the two and a half hour session. Some had never tried yoga before but there was space for the regulars and first-timers. They came with donations, their yoga mats and a drink.

Look out for more tipsy yoga events in 2021. If you love the outdoors, make sure you join us.