5 Ways To Creatively Celebrate Mother’s Day This Year

By Waithera Mbuthia

5 Ways To Creatively Celebrate Mother’s Day This Year

We all agree on two things: First, the Covid19 pandemic has hit us hard, some harder than most. There are those who have not been able to spend quality time as a family because of geographical challenges posed by the extended lockdowns and travel restrictions. Others have lost big time: with massive job losses, reduced salaries and collapsed businesses. Second, Mother’s Day holds a special significance, as the day set apart to celebrate mothers and mother-figures. I can almost successfully predict that come Sunday, many of us will forwarding a beautiful message or e-card to mothers in our contact list – mainly on WhatsApp, on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Those not too mechanical may actually pick up their phones and call that all-important lady and wish her “Happy Mother’s Day”. That is all good – but without a doubt, a little effort and creativity will go a long way in making this year’s Mother’s Day a heart-warming experience for the Mothers in our lives.

Our Top 5 Quick Wins for Mother’s Day:

·        Flowers, Chocolate and Wine

There’s something magical that happens with the Deliveryman drops in with a floral bouquet and gift hamper. Create that magic for your mother or the mother-figure in your life – include a personal and thoughtful note. Nothing warms Mother’s heart than an act of love on her special day. If you are not able to present these to her in person, take advantage of trusted florists and gift companies that offer amazing deals and reliable delivery services.

·        Personalised gift

All our mothers have that special ‘kikoi’ or scarf. It is hard to find a mother without one in her bag. Those things are lifesavers – and yes, Mother knows best! It’s interesting how at the first sense of a slight draft, Mother dear will whip out that piece of cloth, and tenderly wrap it around a young child, or offer it to anyone in close proximity suffering the discomfort of the evening wind.

Wouldn’t it be a great and practical gift for her this Mother’s Day? A personalized fleece-lined kikoi blanket, or a flowery woolen or silk pashmina, with her name, intricately and discretely embroidered?

Another idea is to get her a hooded sweater and have her name, or ‘Queen’ embroidered on it. You can take this to her, or have it delivered. Either way, her day is made.

·        E-card

One of the benefits of improved technology is easy communication. A personalised ecard for mum is a good idea. You can write the message, include photos or videos. Then share this via WhatsApp, or mail. Reading your sweet message will definitely make her day. Stretch your creative juices and give Mother an extra special message, not the ‘forwards’ that we have all become so adept at sharing.

·        Food

We all love some good food, especially made by our mothers. On this Mother’s Day you can let her take a break and treat her instead. Start her day with breakfast in bed (we have a few inspirations for you on our Cookbook). Make her favourite lunch or dinner. If it’s practical, serve her outdoors – on the lawn or patio. If you live in a high rise complex, it wouldn’t heart if you could explore setting up a picnic on the roof top – of course, only if it is practical and safe…remember, we don’t want the wind blowing off Mama’s fancy hat, or giving her the chills.

·        Spa day

Treat her to a day at the spa. She can get a massage, a scrub, manicure, and pedicure. Get one that suits your budget. There are many offers around for this special day. Let her relax from all the hard work of bringing you up, no?

We would love to hear from you – other creative ideas, planned or previously done. Remember, we are all in this together – celebrating our mothers in style.