Here’s How To Stop The Rain From Ruining Your Perfect Picnic

By Hannah Randa

Here’s How To Stop The Rain From Ruining Your Perfect Picnic

Our picture-perfect picnic this past Sunday almost ended prematurely.  We got off to a late start after the heavy downpour the previous night.  As the sun broke through the cloudy sky, the parasols went up, creating an aesthetically appealing atmosphere complete with bright-colored mats and overlays, food hampers and great music.  Our guests had just completed their first task of the day and settled down to sample the charcuteries and cocktails that they had meticulously created.  The Digital Weatherman had assured us that the heavenly taps would open in another 3 hours or so, and we were happily soaking in the lively atmosphere when the skies unexpectedly released a sudden and steady drizzle, disrupting our pristine programme.

Once it started to drizzle, the music stopped, as the sound crew sought shelter for their pricey equipment; instinctively, everyone reached out for the priceless possessions, securing them safely under the parasol; two of the parties sought shelter in an adjacent hall, while the other three braved it out under the parasols.  Some expertly projecting their gazes skywards and proclaiming that ‘this was rain was just passing by”.  As we “waited for the rain to pass” we enjoyed the canapes, cocktails and conversations, indoors and under parasols.  Thankfully, the day did not go to waste, and soon enough the rain stopped, the music came back on, and the party continued into the late afternoon. 

Looking back, I can safely say: do not let the rain reign on your parade; trust the weatherman, but also prepare for the unexpected. Remember, what they said about planning for a rainy day? Here are six guidelines to help you make the most of a rain-drenched picnic:

Relax and embrace it

Your attitude and ability to adapt to the rain is what determines how the picnic experience will go under the circumstances. The first thing you need to do is to hold the perspective that it is a small shower that will pass so taking down the whole set up or canceling the day as a total wash out should not be an option.. 

Go undercover

Have a look at your surroundings with a brighter perspective in order to create some quick solutions. Your priority is to identify a dry spot where you can temporarily relocate to. If there are kids around, you’ll also have to improvise a temporary and secure rain shelter. 

Consider investing in an outdoor canopy or a picnic umbrella which can serve as shelter to protect you from the elements. With a canopy you can easily rearrange things to fit in under and still havet enough room for everyone to take shelter. The good thing about it is that its practical and you can easily peg it into the ground without needing the support of trees.

Keep your picnic accessories dry

You might want to grab any vulnerable picnic gear that can get damaged by being exposed to water such as cushions, baskets, sling chairs and stereo system and relocate them to the identified dry spot until the rain stops. 

You could also cover the gear with plastic bags to shield them from getting drenched. Trash bags can also be quite handy because you could also use the same to make ponchos to keep you dry.

Layer up 

As it starts to get chilly, layer up with long sleeved clothing or blankets. The most suitable clothing for picnics are those that are made from breathable fabric like nylon, polyester or wool rather than 100% cotton which absorbs water, making it difficult to dry up. The rule of the thumb, thought, is to stay dry, rather than drying out after getting rain-soaked.

Enjoy the food, hearty conversations and the view

There’s nothing that gets you cozied up like delicious snacks (sandwiches, cheese, nuts, grapes) on a rainy day. If you are concerned about the food getting cold or soggy, pack it inside tightly sealed containers or a cooler and keep the party going. 

Sip your wine, mimosa, whiskey or juice as you enjoy the therapeutic view and sound of rain drops. Be warned, though - the alcohol may warm your heart but blur your memory when taken in copious quantities.

Keep the music playing

Part of enjoying a picnic is getting entertained through good music which will irresistibly get you dancing the chills away. We actually have the perfect playlist for you. Click here to visit our Songbook and find some of our favorite mixes. This could also be a great opportunity to play cards or board games. 

Remember, if you get it right, rain can actually be the magical ingredient that makes your picnic a memorable event.