Nairobi’s First Bicycle Parking Facility Now Open

By Hannah Randa

Nairobi’s First Bicycle Parking Facility Now Open

Nairobi 15 June 2020: At last, some good news that should get us riding into town.  Baiskeli Center, the first of its kind parking facility has been unveiled, opening up a new avenue for cyclists to access safe parking for their bicycles as they run their errands in the City Center.

Located along Kipande Road, next to Paramount Plaza and in close proximity to the Globe Roundabout, the center offers two packages – a full day parking with access to a locker and shower facility, at a daily rate of KShs 150.00.  There is also the option of parking only, at the daily rate of KShs 100.00.

Baiskeli Center will operate every Monday to Saturday, from 7.00am to 6.30pm.  As part of its introductory offer, the first 20 clients each day for the next two weeks will access the parking services for free.

You can reach Baiskeli Center on 0746726202.