2022 Travel Guide for Beginners

By Ndugu Abisai

2022 Travel Guide for Beginners

You probably have listed “traveling” in your CV as your number one hobby. And this year, you have it as a resolution or plan, for those of us that fear sounding too cliché or mainstream. When you think about it, traveling for leisure is as easy and hard as you want it to be. It could be something you wake up and decide to undertake or something that takes a whole quarter to plan and still gets you anxious at the possibility of failure. So, you want to travel this year as a beginner? Here are important things to look at in 2022 as you intend to actualize your hobby.

Have A List of Places You’d Like To Travel To

In a world where everything is posted on social media, it is difficult to settle for a destination that will work for you. You are most likely going to settle for a place that you have chanced upon your networks, or a celebrity has been to. This may not be very helpful especially because most people barely share the downside of travel destinations. So, it is important you create a list. Start from the very general details. What do you want to see?  Is an ocean top of that list? A mountain? Or a forest? Or perhaps a desert. Maybe sand dunes have been in your bucketlist for some time. It is highly unlikely that you will want to visit places with all these features at the same time. And in the unlikely event that this is true, you could always make it a circuit trip. Having this general information helps you in knowing where you should be headed to and therefore scout for accommodation, arrange for traveling means etc. A good list should include accommodation and ticket rates, discounts and activities one can take while traveling. 

Purpose Of Travel

We may have sounded as though the purpose of your travel is just leisure. But let us admit it, life is fast-paced and even when traveling or on holiday, we have breaks to do other things. Say a quick “I hope this finds you well,” email. Truly it will find you well but on travel. So, you want to go to a place that will offer convenience in other non-travel things even when you are traveling. You could also be in business and your traveling offers you an opportunity to also shop for products and seal business deals or look for market. This is to say that you may need to look for a destination that offers you more than leisure. But if leisure is all you are in for, we don’t want to come in between you and your business err, leisure. 


You want to wring out maximum experience from your travel? Consider time. This is because traveling involves many things, weather, high and low seasons of travel, inflation in costs and prices inspired by time, restrictions etc. For instance, if you choose to travel around a time of festivities, you will most likely be going to break a bank to travel. This is because everything is in high demand. You are also likely to have a sea of humanity headed same place are you and this may not be ideal if what you want is a quiet time. But all is not lost just because we have more people where you are traveling to. If you are also doing it for business, you have a great chance of finding discounted prices on items or landing a larger clientele et al. Consider the time of your travel and find what works best for you. 


Of course, you knew we would talk about money. Have it. Plan with what you have. Cut your socks according to your shoes. That is not exactly how the idiom goes but you get it? The last thing you want to do is to travel and get stranded. Plan way ahead of the money you will spend, the time (because time is money—again). If you are doing an international trip familiarize yourself with the currency and the exchange rates of your destination. Also important, establish the general price of commodities especially if your trip is not packaged like say, all inclusive, or half/full board. This is because during your trip you will need to spend money on basic things such as food and you need to prepare for this. 


If you slept in December 2019 and have just woken up, we are not glad to tell you that the world has been reeling from a megalomanic pandemic. Welcome to the world of travel restrictions, jabs and social distancing. These are things you wouldn’t consider in the past if you were traveling. But right now, traveling demands that you are safe. Yes. As extreme as it sounds, countries and destinations will not admit you if you are likely to spread a virus or anything contagious. So, in addition to the yellow fever proof of vaccination that most countries require, you will need to get tested for, and prove that you have been vaccinated against Covid-19. Simply put, it is not time to die. So, before you travel, make sure you are not green around the gills. 

Travel Essentials

You may not know this, or you may, but even on travel, your skincare routine is still important. Matter of fact, it could be more rigorous because you are now in a new environment. Your medication and other daily requirements are important. Have them with you as you leave for your destination. Have also with you your travel requirements ready before you leave. Pack them securely to avoid inconveniences at airports and other terminals. 

Are you now ready to leave your house and experience the world or live the truth in your CV, that traveling is your hobby? These may not be the only things that you will require to travel, but they top the list. Get a good bag, good shoes, good sunglasses and hit the road. The only way to experience a place is to be in it.